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Elevated Work Equipment: Understanding the Factors Reducing the Load Rating Values

If you are preparing for at-height renovation or maintenance work, you will require elevated work equipment, like a boom lift, for the project. The platform will reach the areas which are otherwise inaccessible, ensuring that your workers can perform their tasks with efficiency. Typically, these elevated machines are designed and built to support specified loads during operation. However, this capability can be compromised by some factors, reducing the amount of weight that can be safely borne. Read More 

Top Reasons to Engage In Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting has steadily been adopted in Australia as more and more areas begin to succumb to drought. Nevertheless, the concept may still seem foreign to some people. There are still some individuals who do not believe that this solution would be beneficial to their business yet commercial properties tend to consume more water on average when compared to residential properties. If you own a business, here are some of the top reasons why you should invest in a 10000-litre tank and begin engaging in rainwater harvesting: Read More 

How to Enhance Corrosion Protection of Hollow Sections

You can increase the corrosion resistance of hollow sections by implementing several measures during the installation of those sections. This article discusses some of those helpful measures. Minimise Holes One way to limit the chance of corrosion to the internal surfaces in hollow sections is by keeping your use of rivet or bolt holes low. Those holes can create an opportunity for moisture to get into the interior of the hollow section through capillary action. Read More 

What to Look for When Choosing a Steel Merchant

When you're planning a project that requires steel, finding the right steel merchant is central to your success. Before signing any contracts, you need to investigate whether your merchant is reliable, how high their rejection rate is and whether they have adequate facilities for meeting your order's demands. How reliable is your steel merchant? If you want your production timetable to run to schedule, you need a reliable steel merchant. A dependable supplier will produce materials consistently, rather than requiring you to order six months in advance. Read More 

5 Tips to Save Money on Cooling Your Factory or Other Industrial Setting

If you run a factory, a shipping and receiving business or a range of other industrial facilities, your air conditioning may get expensive to run. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to lower costs. Keep these ideas in mind: 1. Invest in Energy Saving Systems When buying your industrial air conditioner, it's important to look for the right model. Ideally, the AC you select needs to be large enough to meet the cooling needs of your facility without being too large. Read More 

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Industrial Supplies and Other Stuff

Hello, my name is Damian and on this blog, I will be discussing a topic which perhaps doesn't seem that sexy. The topic is industrial supplies and other stuff like equipment procurement. You are probably wondering how an 18-year-old got so interested in this subject. A lot of other people think I am strange and that I should be out chasing girls or something. Well, I got into this subject when I had to complete a college project on a local business. I ended up spending an entire summer hanging out at the local industrial plant. I learnt so much about the industry that I decided to start this blog. I hope you like it.


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