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5 Tips to Save Money on Cooling Your Factory or Other Industrial Setting

If you run a factory, a shipping and receiving business or a range of other industrial facilities, your air conditioning may get expensive to run. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to lower costs. Keep these ideas in mind:

1. Invest in Energy Saving Systems

When buying your industrial air conditioner, it's important to look for the right model. Ideally, the AC you select needs to be large enough to meet the cooling needs of your facility without being too large. It also needs to advertise that it is energy efficient.

2. Consider Separate Cooling Areas

You may want to look into creating a number of different HVAC cooling systems for your facility. For instance, you may want a mini ductless unit for offices and a large traditional ducted unit for your warehouse spaces.

That way if you have a lot of equipment that is creating heat in the warehouse, you can run your AC so that it is a little cooler, but at the same time, you don't have to worry about the AC running full blast and making your offices too cool. Instead, you can save energy by keeping the thermostat in those areas at a slightly lower temperature setting.

3. Put in Programmable Thermostats

Automation is getting more and more popular in industrial settings, but it doesn't have to just be restricted to manufacturing or other pursuits. You can also automate your thermostat. Whether you have one thermostat or several, if it's programmable, you can set it so that it adjusts automatically. For example, the facility may not need to be as cool when people aren't working there.

4. Put PVC Strips on Loading Doors

Access doors for humans can allow a lot of cool air to escape the facility, but that effect is seriously increased when you are dealing with a loading door. To make these doors more AC friendly, consider adding PVC strips to them. The strips keep in as much cool air as possible, and they allow workers to easily pass from the inside to the outside whilst loading or unloading a truck.

5. Maintain the AC

In a busy industrial setting, the filters on your AC can get full of dust and debris. To keep your system working efficiently, it's important to clean or replace the filters on a regular basis. Contact an industrial and commercial air conditioning specialist to do an annual checkup on your AC.

Contact local commercial and industrial air conditioning services for more information and assistance. 


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