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3 Reasons to Use a Diesel Scissor Lift on Your Construction Site

If you need to buy or hire a scissor lift for a construction job, then your first job is to decide how the lift will be fuelled. While you can use electric or LPG lifts, a diesel-powered model could be a better fit for your site needs.

What are the benefits of using diesel scissor lifts on a construction site?

1. Get a More Powerful Lift                                                                                     

While all scissor lifts do the same jobs, they don't all have the same capabilities. For example, electric scissor lifts might have height or lifting restrictions which don't suit your job needs. They might not be powerful enough.

Diesel scissor lifts are typically more robust and powerful than other models. They can go higher. They can also carry heavier loads. This is useful if you're building a multi-storey building and need to get supplies partway up the structure. You can reach higher levels and load more materials onto the lift. If you're working at height, then you can get more of your crew on the platform at once to work on a job simultaneously. This speeds up your work completion rates.

2. Get a Rough Terrain Option

The ground on outdoor construction sites isn't usually smooth, hard and even. It is often rough, bumpy and sometimes boggy. These ground conditions don't suit scissor lifts which are meant to be used indoors, such as electric models.

Even lifts which can work both indoors and outdoors, like LPG models, will struggle to stay upright and stable on rougher and softer ground. Plus, they won't always have the traction to move across a site without getting stuck.

Diesel scissor lifts are designed to work outdoors on rough terrain. They will stay stable. They won't get bogged down when you move them from place to place.

3. Get a Lift That Can Use Your Onsite Fuel Supplies

The other machines and equipment which need fuel on your site are likely to use diesel. If you use a diesel-powered scissor lift, then you can top it up from onsite supplies or have it refilled when you get a diesel delivery.

This is the simplest solution. If you use an electric or LPG scissor lift, then you have to make separate arrangements to sort out their refuelling. For example, you'll have to find a power source to recharge an electric battery and a source of LPG for a gas lift.

To find out more about diesel lifts, contact your scissor lift hire company or supplier.

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