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Are You Trying to Unblock a Silo?

Is your business being slowed down because your silos keep jamming? It can be incredibly frustrating when blockages force you to halt production and free the powder or other dry material so that it starts flowing again. Transferring large volumes of dry materials between containers is common across the manufacturing, chemical and production sectors. If you work with dry materials such as cement, aggregate or even coal, you will understand the issues that even a little moisture can cause. The tiniest amount of moisture can cause the material to start sticking to the silo, and before long, the flow rate starts to decline until the silo is completely blocked.

Freeing a blocked silo

Several techniques can be used to free blocked material from a silo and to help it flow freely again. Sometimes, it can be effective to bang the side of the blocked silo in an attempt to dislodge the stuck material. An alternative solution is to use a long pole inserted into the mouth of the silo. By rotating the pole, you can often free enough of the stuck material to restart the flow. Both of these techniques can work, but they are not without problems. Using poles or banging the silo can cause damage to the silo, which increases your problems, rather than fixing anything. A better idea is to invest in an air cannon. The air cannon will keep the flow moving prevent clogging before it starts to become a problem.

What is an air cannon?

If you aren't familiar with the concept of an air cannon, it can seem like an odd idea, but it is surprisingly effective. By directing bursts of air into whatever material you are trying to pour, you can keep the particles of the material separate and prevent them from sticking to each other or the sides of the silo. The bursts from the air cannon are usually timed so that you don't have to remember to do anything. Instead of wasting time each day freeing blockages, you can be more productive and transfer more material. If you notice that the air being released is insufficient to stop clogging, increase the frequency of the air blasts, or increase the number of air cannons. You can opt for an air cannon that directs the air in one direction or one that releases timed bursts of air from several locations. If you have specific requirements that you must meet, talk to your air canon supplier. They will have precisely the right air cannon to meet your needs.

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Industrial Supplies and Other Stuff

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