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Looking for a Suitable Fence for Your Big Dog? 3 Pro Guidelines to Follow

Having a fence around your yard has many benefits. It demarcates the boundary to your property and keeps unwanted people out of your property. It also helps you contain your pets and little children. If you have a big dog, you will have to be extra careful about the fencing material, height, and type of fence you install in your yard. Large dogs have a lot of strength and energy and are also excellent climbers.

If you do not want a fence that your dog will break in a few months, follow these three dog fencing guidelines when choosing one for your dog. 

Ensure the Fence Is High

A lot of homeowners avoid tall fences because they obstruct their view from the street and neighbouring property. Tall fences also tend to block the flow of light into your property, making it seem smaller. However, when you have a large dog, you have to weigh these disadvantages against the pet's safety. Breeds such as Labradors, Bulldogs, and Huskies have impressive climbing capabilities, and a short fence will not contain them in your yard.

The ideal fence height to contain your large dog breed is at least six feet. If you install this height and notice that the dog can still jump or climb over, the fence installation expert can help you extend the fence upwards. 

Pick the Right Fence Material

A tall fence will not help if the material used to make it is weak. The two materials you cannot go wrong with when investing in a strong dog fence are wood panels and vinyl. The materials are excellent because they are resistant to scratching and chewing. 

The design of the fence also matters a lot. When choosing wood or vinyl, you also have to ensure the slats are close enough to avoid your pet squeezing between them. Do not install a fence whose design has footholds, as this will help dogs climb over.

Consider the Dog's Sense of Territory

Large dogs are often territorial. You will find them barking at strangers even when they are inside a fence. You can reduce visibility by choosing vinyl and wood panels. Privacy contains your dog because the less they see of the outside world, the less stimulation they get to try and escape.

Consult with dog fence suppliers and installation experts before choosing and installing a dog fence. Your pet's safety and your peace of mind depend on the quality and suitability of the fence you choose.  

To learn more, contact a dog fencing service today.

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