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Critical Elements of a Pesticide Dosing Pump to Look at During Maintenance

The quality — and to an extent the safety — of agricultural produce hinges on so many things. They include the quality of soil, water and fertilizer and the amount of pesticides used. Among these, administering the right pesticide dosage is arguably the most troublesome activity, mainly because most small-scale farmers do it manually. Pesticide dosing pumps should make pesticide administration accurate and more straightforward. However, this is only possible if you take good care of your chemical dosing pumps, especially the most sensitive parts. This article highlights the elements you should pay close attention to during maintenance.

Dosing Line/Pipe -- A dosing line is made from PVC or stainless steel, and its primary function is to transport pesticides from a storage tank to a farm. In most cases, a dosing line is installed above ground for easy and effective pesticide spraying. Unfortunately, exposure to the elements can lead to faster deterioration of a dosing line or reduce its productivity. For instance, debris can lodge into some of the openings, thereby preventing the administration of the right dosage. Additionally, corrosion of steel dosing lines might compromise the quality of pesticides sprayed to plants. For this reason, small-scale farmers must inspect every inch of a dosing line during regular maintenance and address anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Injector -- For a pesticide to leave a storage tank, it flows through a delivery line and enters a dosing line. However, it must overcome the delivery line's pressure. The injection is made possible by a one-way valve that allows the pesticide into the delivery line. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an injector functioning properly since it plays an integral role in preventing damage to a pump. If an injector's opening is compromised, pressure from the delivery and dosing lines will overcome the pump's resistance, thereby leading to damage. Furthermore, ensure you replace the injector with the right spout size. If you choose an injector with a long spout, pesticides will be released close to the dosing line's interior wall, consequently causing corrosion.

Control System -- The control system of a pesticide dosing pump is the control unit since it allows you to set the pH and dosage values of the pesticide. The control system also contains sensors that ensure that the pump administers pesticides in the right dosage and at the right time. During maintenance of the entire system, do not be tempted to unplug the control system. Unplugging erases all the settings, and this will force you to reprogramme the pump's control system when you plug it in. Instead of unplugging a control system, switch it to sleep mode since this will retain the settings even if the pump's control system is shut off.

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