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5 Smart Ways to Extend Your Industrial Yard Broom's Life

There are different types of industrial yard brooms, including heavy-duty yard brooms, rough-surface push brooms, and outdoor power angle brooms. All these brooms are efficient in various outdoor and industrial processes. Extending your industrial yard broom life is an essential part of the maintenance process.

The following are five smart ways to you can implement to extend the life of your industrial yard brooms.

Avoid Purchasing Cheap Products

You may easily fall for cheap brooms, but remember, you only get what you pay for in the long run. Bargain brooms have a limited lifespan and are not worth the cost. Some companies are willing to sell for less, but the price of industrial brushes depends solely on quality. 

Remember, the lower the quality, the cheaper the broom. Ultimately, this means the faster the wear rate. Therefore, it's wise to invest an extra dollar on a high-quality broom for longer brush life and quality service.

Ensure Bristles are in Serviceable Form

Keeping your industrial yard brooms in excellent working condition helps minimise bristle wear. It's essential to replace brush bristles at approximately 7-inches long of wear. Allowing the bristles to wear shorter than this leads to stiffening and inability to flick debris effectively. Consequently, excessive wear of your broom takes place. Thus, a little upkeep is crucial in keeping your broom's bristles in serviceable condition.

Avoid Excessive Down Pressure

Applying excessive downward pressure when using your industrial yard broom causes premature wear. Besides, it creates extra frictions between the surface and the brush, leading to faster rates of wear to bristles. Hence, consider applying moderate pressure while using your brush.

Consider Using Appropriate Broom Angles

Another cause of premature wear in industrial yard brooms is incorrect angles while in use. Wrong outward and forward tilt angles lead to the use of unnecessary contact pressure to function effectively. Besides, it means more brush bristles come in direct contact with yard surface. Always adjust your brooms to appropriate angles to aid in extending their brush life.

Train Workers Before Using the Broom

Finally, training your workers to adjust and use the broom properly can help alleviate preventable wear to your industrial yard brooms. Teach them the required surface pressure to apply as well as appropriate angles while working with brushes. 

Luckily, most industrial broom manufacturers provide essential guides on broom settings to achieve optimal performance. Hence adequate training, operation and maintenance habits can assist immensely in extending your industrial yard broom's life.

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