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Four Main Types of Boom Lifts You Can Hire for Your Project

Whether you want to reach a tall workspace or you simply want an elevated work platform, boom lifts and other aerial lift equipment can help by making your work easier. Depending on your project, you may not have a budget to purchase a boom lift or your work is seasonal and you don't want to burden yourself with a capital investment that will end up being idle most of the time. This scenario makes boom lift hire the best solution. Getting the right boom lift can be a challenge, especially for beginners who may not know the different types of lifts available. To help you in this, below is a brief description of the various types of boom lifts you are likely to come across in the market.

Electric Boom Lifts

These are electric-powered boom lifts best suited for jobs in confined places or those that require multiple attachments. In terms of design, these lifts are smaller and much more environmentally-friendly than the diesel engines. These lifts may also have a variety of boom types such as Z-type booms, which allow you to move your workspace side to side without moving the base. Mast booms on the other hand extend vertically and are useful for work platforms.

Towable Boom Lifts

These lifts are highly portable and are therefore best suited for jobs requiring lots of movements. Thanks to their flexibility, towable boom lifts can be fitted onto vans or trucks and transported to different job sites. They may use diesel or electricity as a power source. The electric ones are preferred particularly for indoor use because they do not emit fumes.

Articulated Knuckle Booms

Are you looking to hire a boom lift that will help you reach relatively inaccessible areas such as behind equipment or wide work areas which require an extra reach? Articulated knuckle booms may be the best option for you. Their booms are Z-style and this gives you both horizontal and vertical flexibility. For some articulated knuckle booms, the horizontal reach is lesser compared to the vertical reach. When hiring, go for the model that gives you more horizontal reach if that is what you need for your project.

Straight Telescoping Boom Lifts

These are designed for exceptionally high workspaces as well as sites that require minimal horizontal movement. They are easier to operate, thanks to their single boom. They are designed to give you maximum elevation. Therefore, when hiring boom lifts, look at the boom type, the power source and the workspace platform at the end of the boom.

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