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Which Portable Self-Storage Unit Size Should You Pick?

With portable self-storage units, clients do not have to drive to a storage facility. What typically happens is that a self-storage unit is delivered right to the client's preferred location so that they can pack the way they want, and then have their unit picked up and transported to a secure storage facility.

Portable self-storage units are available in a number of different sizes so that customers can find something to accommodate the things they need to store. However, hire costs vary depending on the size of each unit — the bigger the unit, the more it costs to hire. With that said, renters must choose a correct size storage unit because choosing a unit that is too small would mean they won't have enough space to store their stuff while choosing a unit that is too big would simply waste money.

If you need to rent a portable self-storage unit to meet your demand for extra storage space, follow these tips to ensure you select a proper size unit.

Take stock of all items: The first thing you should do before selecting a portable self-storage unit for your use is to make a list of all the items you will need to store. Determine what size and number of boxes and crates you will need to pack up the small items. For the large items such as sofas and refrigerators, you can use a tape measure to find out their exact dimensions. Also, take into consideration irregular-shaped items like lawn mowers, which can't be packed up in boxes.

Determine whether or not to create an aisle: People that don't intend to access their self-storage unit once it is picked up and taken to the storage facility do not need to leave an aisle within their unit. They can simply stuff their self-storage unit full and wait to remove their things at the end of the hire period. But for those who will need to get something from their unit later on, leaving an aisle is vital.

Be acquainted with storage unit sizes: Portable self-storage units are typically sized by square footage, that is, by multiplying the length by the width. The ceiling height, which gives you space to stack items, is usually the same self-storage units. Select a unit that can fit all your items and leave an aisle, if need be.

If you need help choosing the right size self-storage unit, feel free to talk to a reputable storage provider. They will be more than happy to answer your questions, but also recommend what unit size you should choose.

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