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4 Common Air Compressor Line Filters

Air compressors can last longer while giving you cleaner air if you install an air-line filter. This article discusses some of the common type of air-line filters that you can select from for your application.

General Purpose Filters

General purpose filters are the most affordable of all air compressor filters. They do a good job of removing larger particles in addition to extracting dirt, oil and water from the air getting into your compressor. Such filters are ideal for situations that don't require high-quality compressed air. For example, you can use this filter for the compressed air that you use to clean car parts during service sessions.

Activated Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon air filters are made from porous biochar and charcoal. These filters have a very large surface area. Consequently, they are suitable for applications where the compressed air needs to be breathable. The filter also gets rid of any odours and vapours that may be present in the air. This filtration is performed with hardly any drop in the flow and pressure of the compressed air.

High Efficiency Air Filters

High-efficiency air filters are best suited for applications where tiny particulates need to be removed from the compressed air. For example, you can buy this kind of filter in case you use the compressed air during painting projects. Tiny particulates can cause defects in paint finishes if they aren't removed. High-efficiency filters do away with those problematic particulates. High-efficiency air filters also have the distinction of having the least impact on the energy consumption of your compressor.

Water Separator Air Filters

Another type of filter that you can consider is the water separator filter. This filter is specially designed for applications where the major concern is the water content of compressed air. These filters also get rid of any oil and dirt within the air. They feature a stainless steel mesh that captures those contaminants after the water has been separated from the air. This is achieved by reversing the flow of the air into the mesh before the air continues to the point of use.

As you can see, the roles of these different filters often overlap. It may therefore be necessary for you to talk to an air compressor expert so that he or she can advise you about the filter that will offer the outcomes that you desire cost-effectively. Alternatively, you can try different filters before you select the one that gives you optimum results without requiring costly maintenance.

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