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4 Basic Performance Maintenance Checks for Electric Vibrating Motors

Electric vibrating motors have become popular in most industrial applications including vibrating tables, conveyor belts, and hoppers. In the construction sector, motors should perform optimally to increase the productivity of your business, and subsequently your profits. Here are some aspects that construction contractors should bear in mind when working with electric vibrating motors.

Bearings -- Electric motors have different bearings that must be checked as part of your performance maintenance schedule.  Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the bearings causing noise or vibrations. Furthermore, when you do not apply lubrication to these parts, the motor might experience rapid wear and tear, which can lead to a complete system failure. One sign that you are skimping on lubrication is when the bearing housing becomes very hot after a short duration of work because of the heat emitted by the motor. Regular maintenance including the application of lubricants such as grease is essential for optimal performance.

Mounting the Motor -- If you want the electric vibrating motor to work without producing excessive noise and vibration, try securing it on a flat but rigid surface using quality bolts. Furthermore, the mounting pads should touch the surface before you can fasten the screws.  Industry experts recommend that when installing an electric vibrating motor outdoors, the terminal box must face downwards to reduce moisture accumulation in sensitive components such as bearings. Strengthening the mounting base also requires the use of shims or spacers, which thwart potential cracking and bending. For applications that use dual electric motors, the unit should be positioned on the shaft in a manner that balances the total centrifugal force produced by the engine. Always make sure that the power source is disconnected before you can start mounting an electric motor.

Power Usage -- An electric motor works by converting electrical energy into heat energy and centrifugal or rotational energy. A performance maintenance schedule will monitor the system for energy consumption and any instances of motor overload. Furthermore, large or small electric motors might affect the energy efficiency of the entire system. Improperly sized motors might be costly to repair besides consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, purchasing the right size of motors can save your construction operation money in the end concerning utility and repair costs.

Motor Outlet Cables -- By their very nature, electric vibration motors will produce some level of vibration during operation. Therefore, the electrical outlet cables should be tough enough to withstand such vibrations. Besides, when the vibrations become excess because of various reasons, the cables should endure the impact. The use of flexible outlet cables is advised because of their ability to resist tensile and vibration forces. When replacing the cable, you should prioritize an original version of the outlet cable to prevent frequent breakdowns and repairs.

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