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Three Pertinent Inspections to Carry Out On Your Timber Decking

Timber decking remains a popular option for Australian business owners looking to incorporate an aesthetically appealing addition to their al fresco commercial space. Nonetheless, it is prudent to ensure that this decking receives routine care and maintenance if it is to retain its visual appeal. Additionally, if timber decking is neglected, it can quickly turn into a safety hazard for all people who use it. Since wood is susceptible to deterioration over time, keeping tabs on your decking ensures that imperfections are fixed as they occur. Below are a three of the pertinent inspections to routinely carry out on your timber decking.

Inspect for localised and internalised damage

If you have installed wood decking on your property, it is essential to conduct preliminary visual inspections to spot the development of damage. A few of the signs to be on the lookout for include warping of the wood, rotting on the timber and splintering of the boards. If this damage is localised, all you would need to do is call timber contractors to repair the affected areas before the damage spread, However, if you find the damage is not centralised and has begun to spread, it would be in your best interest to establish how far gone the internalised damage is. Be wary of signs of a termite infestation, as this would likely require you to have your entire timber deck replaced because the structural integrity will be in question. It would also be essential to determine how extensive decay is to determine whether you require entire deck replacement.

Inspect the timber deck railings

Deck railings are not merely installed for visual appeal. Although the railings contribute to the aesthetics of your deck, they are a crucial structural design as they ensure the safety. Give the railings a sturdy shake to check whether they are loose. If the railings wiggle, it could be a sign of internal damage that is yet undetected. Having a timber deck contractor examine the railings would be the best course of action, as they would be better placed to discern whether the railings can be secured back in place or would need replacement.

Inspect the decking's fasteners

Another important aspect of your deck inspection would be checking the different fasteners that secure your deck and its accessories in place. Fasteners that are in good condition should be lying flush against the timber with no space around their edges. Since your deck is exposed to changing elements all year round, it is not surprising to find the wood will expand and contract. This movement causes fasteners to start working their way out of the wood, which would need to be remedied.

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