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Basic Rules to Follow When Working with Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding

When it comes to performing work at height with scaffolding equipment that will need to be moved from point to point, mobile aluminium scaffolding is a popular choice because it is strong and stable, but also lighter compared to alternative scaffolding like steel structures. If you are looking to use mobile aluminium scaffolding to perform your construction job, you should be at home with the safe use of the access equipment.

Here are some useful guidelines you should follow to ensure the safe use of your mobile aluminium scaffolding:

  • ALWAYS assess the risks involved before you commence work. Working at height is a dangerous job. Before embarking on the job, you must perform a thorough assessment of the safety hazards involved. The risk of a fall, for example, is always inherent and you must assess the risk so you can put in place the necessary safeguards to prevent it. If your risk assessment indicates that there is a significant risk of a fall that could cause serious injury to personnel, then you will be required to fit guardrails around the elevated work platform.
  • ALWAYS inspect equipment before use. Mobile aluminium scaffolding is a system of several parts connected together to form an elevated work platform from where personnel can work at height. Over time, scaffolding components may wear and tear due to normal use and abuse. For that reason, it is important that you have your scaffolding equipment parts, including the casters, as well as all vertical and horizontal members of the assembly. Before performing any job, you should inspect all scaffolding parts to check for any damage that requires repair or overly worn parts that need to be replaced. This will help reduce the risk of collapse while your scaffolding equipment is being used. Make sure the pre-use inspection is carried out in line with applicable guidelines.
  • ALWAYS use trained personnel to inspect, build and dismantle your equipment. To ensure the safe use of your mobile aluminium scaffolding equipment, you must be competent to inspect, erect and dismantle the equipment. Simply having the manual does not mean you will be able to perform the inspections, construction and dismantling jobs properly. If you do not have an in-house team of personnel trained to handle mobile scaffolding, you can use personnel from an independent contractor or wet hire your equipment.

Minimise the potential for serious injury resulting from the use of mobile aluminium scaffolding by following the above guidelines. Contact a company like Instant Scaffolding WA for more information and assistance. 

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