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Tips to Help You Save Both Energy and Money While Using Commercial Refrigerators

Businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores and dairy shops, that require refrigeration service often complain about high electricity costs resulting from the use of refrigerators. If you run a business that requires refrigeration service, you may be interested in knowing how you can cut down energy costs resulting from the use of commercial refrigerators.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to save both energy and money.

Keep the refrigeration system clean.

Commercial refrigerators comprise several components that need to be kept clean so that the entire refrigeration system can function properly at all times. The condenser coil is the most important part of any commercial refrigerator because it absorbs heat generated within the system and dissipates it outside. If this coil accumulates dirt over time, the refrigeration system will be forced to run much harder to keep things cool.

Make sure to have the coils regularly cleaned along with other parts of your refrigerator, including the door gaskets, drain lines and exteriors of the appliance. This will help keep the refrigeration system clean, but also optimise heat transfer within the system. This, in turn, helps save energy and reduce energy costs.

Ensure that refrigerator doors are closing properly.

If refrigerator doors are not functioning well, warm, humid air can easily find its way into the interiors of refrigeration compartments, thus leading to wastage of energy and spoiled food. Regularly inspecting your refrigerator doors to check if the gaskets is critical to minimising heat gain through the doors. If the gaskets are found to be damaged, they will need to be repaired or replaced so as to maintain an airtight seal around the doors. This way, your refrigerator will not have to run so hard to keep things cool.

Avoid overstocking the refrigerator.

One of the things that many businesses do without knowing that it is hurting their refrigeration systems (and wallets, of course) is overstocking their commercial refrigerators. Putting too much food in the refrigerator undermines the free-flow of cool air inside the unit, increasing the potential for food to go bad and also wasting precious energy.

When you are putting food items in your commercial refrigerator, make sure you leave enough space in the interiors of the unit to allow for proper airflow. This helps minimise the amount of energy that goes to waste.

Like any other business manager, you probably want to boost your bottom line. With these energy-saving tips, you may notice a drastic decline in your monthly or annual energy costs. Contact companies like Ian Boer Refrigeration for more tips.

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