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4 Useful Car Lift Features You Should Specify

Are you planning to install a car lift in your commercial building? Read on and discover some of the features that you should include when you are writing specifications for the manufacturer of that lift.

Multiple Control Modes

Conditions at your building can change from time to time. For instance, you may need to operate the car lift manually in case a certain vehicle requires an attendant to move in the car lift as the vehicle is taken to the parking section. Alternatively, you may need to override the automated controls during an emergency. It is therefore advisable for you to order a car lift that can be controlled in different ways so that it can remain usable under various conditions.

Position Sensors

It is also a good idea for you to get a lift that has car position sensors. Those sensors will enable the lift to delay to move until the car has been positioned correctly. Such a system is better than other systems that leave attendants to rely on floor marks to position the vehicles inside the car lift. Improper positioning can result in excessive strain being exerted upon the operating mechanism of the car lift.

Overheat Protection

Car lifts have moving components, such as the hydraulic system, which may wear out quickly in case they are used excessively on a daily basis. The car lift that you buy should have inbuilt overheat protection. Such a feature will enable the car lift to stop at the nearest landing point in case its sensors detect that the temperature of the components has exceeded the safe operating margin. The lift can then resume its journey once the equipment has cooled to an acceptable level. This protection mechanism will prolong the service life of the components.

Energy Conservation

Buy a car lift that was designed with sustainability in mind. The lift should be able to disable the lights and ventilation systems automatically when the lift is not in use. These energy-conservation features will reduce your monthly expenditure on operating the car lift. For example, the lighting system will last longer since rest periods will be assured during the service life of that lift.

Car lift technology is advancing so fast that lifts with better features are coming on the market at shorter intervals. It is therefore prudent for you to visit several suppliers so that you get a feel of what is available. You will then have the information that you need to specify the best car lift for your needs. For more information, contact a business such as Forte Lift Services.

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