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Why the Weight of Conveyor Guarding Systems Matters

It is important for you to think carefully about the weight of the different conveyor guard systems that you would like to select from. This is because the weight of that system can have several effects and costs that you should prepare for. This article discusses some of the negative effects of guard systems that are very heavy.

Longer Maintenance Time

It may take longer to maintain your conveyor system if you installed a guard system that is very heavy. This is because maintenance personnel will need more time to remove the guard system in order to access the conveyor system. More time will also be lost during the process of reinstalling the heavy guarding system. Most of that time would have been saved if you had opted for a lighter system.

Lifting Costs

A heavy conveyor guarding system can also force you to incur the cost of hiring or buying lifting systems, such as cranes. That lifting equipment will be needed in order to lift the heavy guarding system each time your conveyors need to be serviced, cleaned or inspected. Those costs spent on lifting equipment can put a dent in the profits that your facility would have earned.

More Personnel Needed

The guarding system may not reach the weight that compels you to hire lifting equipment when you want to remove it. However, it may exceed the weight that can be handled by one or two people. Such bulky guard systems can make you commit more workers to the execution of conveyor maintenance in order to remove and return the guard system before and after maintenance work. That additional labour would have been engaged in other productive activities if the conveyor guard system had been lighter.

Increased Workplace Risk

Heavy conveyor guarding systems can also increase the safety hazards faced by your employees. For instance, the workers can cut a hole into that heavy system in order to avoid the hassles associated with removing the guard system during maintenance work. Such holes defeat the purpose of the system because they reduce the effective barrier to a hazardous zone. Secondly, workers can be injured as they remove or restore the heavy guard system during maintenance work.

As you can see, failing to pay ample attention to the implications of the weight of a conveyor guarding system before you buy it can introduce a variety of challenges at the installation site. It is therefore helpful for you to work with an expert so that you can select conveyor guarding equipment that will be light enough to meet your needs without contravening any codes or regulations.

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