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3 Technologies That Can Lower Commercial HVAC Costs

A commercial air conditioning system can eat into your potential profits if you don't take steps to manage the energy and maintenance costs of that system. This article discusses three complementary technologies that can help owners of businesses to keep HVAC costs affordable.

Carbon Dioxide Sensors

One way to regulate the energy that is consumed by your commercial HVAC system is by integrating carbon dioxide sensors into the controller of that HVAC system. An increase in the number of occupants in the business premises will cause the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled to increase. That increase is detected by the sensor. This information can then be relayed to the control system of the AC so that the system can work harder in order to keep the occupants comfortable. That same mechanism will make the system to downgrade its performance level when the carbon dioxide sensor detects low levels of the gas. Such demand-controlled performance reduces wastage of energy at a time when the premises have very few occupants.

Intelligent Occupancy Sensors

You may also opt to install sensors that can count the actual number of people in your premises so that the HVAC system can be adjusted to meet the air conditioning needs of that number of people. For instance, the sensors can be integrated into the access control system. Anyone who swipes a card to gain access is immediately noted by the occupancy sensor. This data enables the air conditioning system to adjust its performance settings automatically as occupancy varies throughout the day. In this way, wastage will be reduced since air conditioning will always be tailored to suit the number of people inside your premises.

Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Another way to keep HVAC costs affordable is by installing humidity and temperature sensors within your business premises. These sensors will provide accurate data to the AC system so that it can increase or lower its performance level depending on the prevailing conditions within the premises. For instance, the dehumidifier will only start working once ambient humidity exceeds a preset maximum level. This is less wasteful than conventional systems that keep the dehumidifier working in tandem with the AC unit.

As you can see, several low-cost techniques exist to help you to lower the operational costs of your HVAC system. Work with a commercial air conditioning expert so that he or she can help you to select the specific complementary technologies that can help you to achieve the greatest energy savings in a cost-effective way. For more information, contact a business such as MTA Australasia.

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