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Do's and Don'ts of Landscaping Equipment Hire for DIY Projects

Most homeowners think of landscaping projects and they think of smaller project ideas. They may think of sodding their lawn, reworking their border gardens or landscaping around trees and mailboxes. There are times when a homeowner may want to take on a much larger project that requires specific equipment. If this sounds like your upcoming plan, and you plan on using equipment hire for the project, consider the do's and don'ts of landscaping equipment hire first.

Do: Hire for Longer

You will be given several options for hire times when it comes to equipment. These vary based on several factors including the type of equipment being used. Regardless of the equipment you are using, make sure you that you overestimate your time need for the equipment. For example, if you will be hiring a seed spreader for your lawn estimate that this will take at least two full days. Take that estimation and lengthen it to one week. This will cover you if there are any natural issues such as an unexpected rain storm or other natural occurrences that may interfere with your original plans. Keep in mind, most equipment does offer one week of hire time as the minimum time available per contract.

Do: Try to Get One Hire Contract

The truth is, if you are hiring landscaping equipment for a larger project you are likely hiring equipment that will only be used for a day alongside equipment that may be necessary for several weeks, such as earth moving equipment. Instead of having several contracts with different time frames and return times, consider trying to get a grouped contract. This is a contract that will cover all of the equipment you are hiring into one hire contract with one pick-up date and one return date. This will also likely have an insurance or maintenance portion that will cover all your items rather than each one individually.

Don't: Assume that Certification Is Unnecessary

There are some pieces of equipment that require some experience in order to use successfully and safely. You may assume that because you have experience, that will be enough for the equipment hire. The truth is, the hire company may allow you to hire the equipment, but if anything goes wrong and you don't have the proper permits or certification you may be at full fault for the cost of the equipment is damaged. Make sure that you do not need any special certifications or permits prior to hiring the equipment including meeting requirements for insurance or local laws and guidelines.

Don't: Ignore Warranty and Insurance Guidelines

When some people use equipment hire for large DIY projects, like landscaping projects, they may simply sign off on the warranty and insurance portions of the contract. This could mean ignoring items such as guidelines for what insurance covers as far as damage is concerned or what is voided if you do not have the proper certification or permits for the equipment. Make sure you read and understand each portion of these sections and ask questions as they pertain to your equipment specifically.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that you are fully aware and understand what you are facing with the equipment hire. If you are ready to move forward, contact your local equipment hire company for pricing and equipment availability.

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